What if Dark Orchard (Jim Casson’s experimental music project) and “The Blues” got together in New Orleans and watched Twin Peaks with Daniel Lanois?

This is the question that inspired “Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns”.

1. Temperanceville

2. Marshville Station

3. The Right Road To Boyle

4. Finding Tintern

5. Gasline

6. Formerly Diffin's Corners

7. Crowland

8. White Pigeon

9. Sulphur Springs

10. The Dream Of Chantler

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The story –

During the COVID19 lockdown, musicians were trying to find ways to keep busy.  Drummer Jim Casson was asked to record some backing tracks in his home studio "The Cherry Pit" for his friend, guitarist Steve Grisbrook with bassist Russ Boswell.  After recording a few cover songs for Steve, Jim approached Russ to see if he wanted to try to write something original.  Russ was game so Jim improvised a drum take while thinking with song form in his head, but with no firm idea of a song, just a funky New Orleans vibe.  Jim sent this track to Russ who then added a bass line with chord changes to Jim’s track.  They decided that the right person to add a guitar part was their old band mate Bernie LaBarge. Brent Barkman was then asked to contribute an organ part and the song “Marshville Station” was born.

Excited at the success of this first experiment, Jim decided to try another one, but this time the same magic was not repeated and the project was shelved.

Meanwhile, tuba player Jay Burr was working on a singer songwriter album and had asked Jim to contribute drum parts.  Jim decided to ask Jay if he would try to add a tuba part to the shelved project.  Jay agreed and it was magic again.  They continued to collaborate on several more songs using the same formula of improvised drum takes and then adding form with the tuba. 

Jim decided that the complimentary instrumentation for this project would be guitar (Wayne DeAdder) and slide guitar (Mike Branton).  With their additions, the project had a solid foundation. 

Other contributors to become “Green Lanterns” were Steve Marriner (harmonica), Al Lerman (harmonica), and Stephen Miller (dobro).

Jim felt that this album should in some way pay tribute to his home, The Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.  “Davis Hall” was the name of the community centre in his hometown where he attended nursery school and “The Green Lantern” was the soda shop in town when he was a kid.  All of the song titles are names or former names of villages in the Niagara Peninsula. 

The “Dark Orchard” element is the addition of samples, loops and spoken word elements into the songs.  Everything came together when Jim discovered a recording from 1963 of local disc jockey Bob Bowland from CHOW radio in Welland, the station that was most played in his home while growing up. 

With this addition, the tribute was complete.


What people are saying about Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns

“An album that will lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. Joyous playing!"
Holger Petersen - Broadcaster CBC Music, Saturday Night Blues and CKUA, Edmonton AB

"…a progressive blend of blues, jazz and funk - the freshest sound I have heard in years. Modern music with a dash of retro, and a whole lot of soul."
Brant Zwicker - At The Crossroads Blues Radio

"I’m loving it!  So funkified!  Great instrumentation, arrangements and of course, masterful playing, bravo!"
Cindy McLeod - Calgary International Blues Festival, Host of The Blues Witness CJSW, Calgary, AB

“Swampy, greazy and so refreshing... I needed to hear this album”
Ron Littlejohn, Host of The Gumbo Kitchen on JAZZ.FM91, Toronto, ON

"A modern and imaginative approach to a timeless musical style. Unique blues for the 21st century."
Terry Parsons, Host of Blind Lemon Blues, CHMR, St. John's, NFLD

"This an extraordinary album that transcends the norm and delights the ears."
Ken Wallis, Host of Blues Source Canada, The Hawk FM, Hamilton, ON

“The album is killer… These songs will make any set list better.”
MisterG, Music Selector, Green Arrow Radio, WSUM, Madison, Wisconsin

“funky, cool, fun, loose, awesomeness!”
Charlie Cooley, Manteca

“Dude... this is great”
Danno O’Shea, My Son The Hurricane

“That’s what I call FUNKY!  The Meters would approve”
Bucky Berger, Canadian drumming legend

“What a beautiful and funky record. Lovin' it all!”
Mark Kelso, internationally renowned drummer, Head of Humber College Percussion

“Cool!  I like it!!!”
Paul Delong, internationally renowned drummer

This is fabulous stuff. Go ahead; try not to boogie when you hear it.
David Vest, award-winning pianist/bluesman


Recording credits

1. Temperanceville - Casson/Burr/DeAdder
Jim Casson – drums, samples
Jay Burr – tuba
Wayne DeAdder – guitar
Mike Branton – slide guitar

2. Marshville Station - Casson/Boswell/LaBarge/Barkman
Jim Casson – drums, samples
Russ Boswell – bass
Bernie LaBarge – guitar
Brent Barkman - organ

3. The Right Road To Boyle - Casson/Burr/Branton
Jim Casson – drums, samples
Jay Burr – tuba
Wayne DeAdder – guitar
Mike Branton – slide guitar

4. Finding Tintern - Casson
Jim Casson – drums, keyboards
Wayne DeAdder – guitar
Mike Branton – slide guitar
Russ Boswell – upright bass
Steve Marriner - harmonica

5. Gasline - Casson/Burr/DeAdder
Jim Casson – drums, keyboards, Hammond Rhythm 2, samples
Jay Burr – tuba
Wayne DeAdder – guitar
Mike Branton – slide guitar

6. Formerly Diffin’s Corners - Casson/Burr
Jim Casson – drums, samples
Jay Burr – tuba, trombone
Wayne DeAdder – guitar
Mike Branton – slide guitar
Stephen Miller - dobro

7. Crowland - Casson
Jim Casson – percussion, keyboards, autoharp, bass
Wayne DeAdder – guitar
Stephen Miller - dobro

8. White Pigeon - Casson
Jim Casson – drums, synth bass, loops, samples
Jay Burr – tuba
Wayne DeAdder – guitar
Mike Branton – slide guitar

9. Sulphur Springs - Casson/Burr/DeAdder
Jim Casson – drums, keyboards, theremin
Jay Burr – tuba
Wayne DeAdder – guitar


10. The Dream Of Chantler - Casson/Lerman/Branton
Jim Casson –keyboards, samples, field recordings
Al Lerman – harmonica
Mike Branton – slide guitar